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eScan - FAQ's


Q. A lot of disk space is occupied by eScan “FBackUp” folder in my Local Drive. What is the use and how can we stop this ?

A. FBackUp is a folder created by eScan, which is used to take auto-backup of clean files having extensions *.EXE, *.DLL, *.OCX, *.SYS, *.DRV, and *.CPL after scanning, these files are stored in an encrypted format.

Configuring / Checking pre-requisite disk space for Auto-backup to function

The eScan Auto-backup will first check for the minimum available space limit defined for a hard disk drive. If the minimum define space is available then only the Auto-backup will function, if not it will stop without notifying.

Below is the step from which one can define the space limit required for Auto Backup to work:-

First, Install the latest eScan hotfix. Click here to download the eScan Hotfix

  1. Then, click on Start >> Programs >> eScan for Windows >> eScan Protection Center.
  2. Click on File Anti-virus >> Settings >> Options. Expand the option "Enable backup" and click on "Minimum disk space(MB)"
  3. The Default Value is 500 MB. Change the Value from 500 to any desired value.
  4. Click on "Apply" then on "OK"

Note: In above case when the hard disk drive has less than 500MB of free space, the Auto-Backup will stop.

How to stop Auto-backup Feature (FBackUp)

To stop the Auto-Backup feature:

  1. Click on Start >> Programs >> eScan for Windows >> eScan Protection Center,
  2. Click on File Anti-virus >> Settings >> Options and UNCHECK the option "Enable backup",
  3. Click on "Apply" then on "OK".

How to change the location of Auto-Backup folder (FBackUp)

To change the Auto-Backup folder path:

  1. Click on Start >> Programs >> eScan for Windows >> eScan Protection Center
  2. Click on Protection >> File Anti-Virus >> Settings >> Options
  3. Expand the link “For quarantining of infected objects”
  4. Double click “Use Folder name”
  5. By Default the path is C:\Program Files\eScan\Infected. eScan will automatically create folder namde "FBackUp" in C:\Program Files\eScan\ and start storing the clean files.
  6. Change this path to a different location. For example: If you select D:\Infected, then the "FBackUp" folder will automatically be created in D:\FBackUp
  7. Any path given it will create "FBackup" in the root directory of the path given.

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