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eScan Version 10 Online Help


Product Key

This section contains the eScan Product license key, License status (the date of license expires), and the space to enter the new license key during the first time installation.

Procedure for Applying and Activating the eScan license key (first time installation)
  1. In the license information window, apply the new eScan license key and click on OK,
  2. A confirmation window pops up, with a button to Register / OK.

Activating the License key
  1. Next you will see the License Information window which will display the registration status,
  2. Right click on the License key displayed under the column Standard Key (30 char),
  3. Then click on "Activate Now" button,
  4. On the License Information window, select Activate Now radio button and then click on the OK button (Note: you can select I have Activation Code, if you have received the eScan Activation code by email from our In this case copy and paste the Activation code in the space provided under Enter Activation Code).
  5. In the next window, enter your personal Information in the space provided and then click on the Next button,
  6. The final window will be the Registration Method. You can select:
a. Online - if this mode is selected, ensure Internet connection is available and then click on Next button. A new 60-character Activation code would automatically get added in the License information window. This will activate the license key through its validity period. NOTE:- Please check your internet setting configuration in eScan Updater settings under eScan Protection Center under Update button.
b. Fax – if this mode is selected, a FaxRegister.txt would automatically get generated. You can fax the same to your nearest MicroWorld office (Click here for Contact details).On the receipt of the same, we will send you the Activation code. Alternatively,you can also email the FaxRegister.txt to
c. Email – if this mode is selected, then a new email will be automatically be composed containing all the details and email the same to On the receipt of the same, we will send you the Activation code.
Once you receive the Activation Code (either by FAX or by EMAIL), copy the same as mentioned in point (4).


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