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<h2 id="mp-tfp-h2" style="margin:0; background:#92C846; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:10 solid #afa3bf; text-align:left; color:#000; padding:0.2em 0.4em">Hotfix & Updates for eScan / Mailscan</h2> <h2 id="mp-tfp-h2" style="margin:0; background:#92C846; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:10 solid #afa3bf; text-align:left; color:#000; padding:0.2em 0.4em">Hotfix & Updates for eScan / Mailscan</h2>
 +{| border="5" style="background:none;"
 +<B>Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-18-April-2014)</B>
 +<div align="right">[[Hotfixes|<B><font color=blue>(Click here to download the Hotfix)</font></B>]]</div>
 +# Advanced Proactive Feature will now blocked the suspicious process in SOHO versions, previously it was user dependent.
 +# Changes done to improve system performance.
 +# ODS scanning speed improved.
 +# Improved and faster scan engine added.
{| border="5" style="background:none;" {| border="5" style="background:none;"

Revision as of 09:07, 23 April 2014

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Hotfix & Updates for eScan / Mailscan

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-18-April-2014)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Advanced Proactive Feature will now blocked the suspicious process in SOHO versions, previously it was user dependent.
  2. Changes done to improve system performance.
  3. ODS scanning speed improved.
  4. Improved and faster scan engine added.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-05-February-2014)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. System performance (File I/O, Web I/O & File Execution) improved.
  2. Minor GUI changes related to Module status.
  3. Advanced Report modified for exporting multiple reports in single click.
  4. Improved and faster scan engine added.
  5. Web content filtering improved and simplified.
  6. Data base Scanning added for Malware URL and Phishing Filter
  7. Speed up Web protection module

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-30-October-2013)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. System performance (File I/O, Web I/O & File Execution) will be improved.
  2. Firewall performance will be improved.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-19-June-2012)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Download module on clients will get upgraded to support HTTP Download of Malware/Spam signatures and eScan policies.
  2. License renew module will get upgraded to make wizard more simple.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-23-February-2012)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Files which have been quarantined by eScan monitor and are older than 28 days will be deleted automatically.
  2. The eScan malware url pop-up at times used to stay on the desktop instead of disappearing after a few seconds. This has been corrected.
  3. Webprotection Dialog box will only be shown in stand alone edition.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-18-January-2012)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Firewall driver updated.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-21-December-2011)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Option to set the Archive Depth Level added in File Anti-virus settings.
  2. Scan archive option can be set in eScan Protection Center settings for ODS.
  3. If the system is restarted when a scheduled scan is in progress, where in user is not allowed to cancel scanning, entire scan will resume on next start, entire scan will resume on next start. (This will not be applicable if schedule scan is set during system startup)
  4. Time restriction will work considering the system time available at startup. This means even if the system time/date is manually modified, the time restriction module will consider the time/date which was available at startup
  5. Time restriction added for Application control.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-12-October-2011)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Hotfix will not upgarde version 11 server, it will prompt to install upgrade edition on EMC server.
  2. Optimizations added for WebScanning.
  3. Added optimizations to speed up ondemand scanning.
  4. eScan rescue disk can be updated using resuce wizard ( Only for 32 Bit OS).
  5. HTTPS scanning support added in Webprotection.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-29-April-2011)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. New Driver added for slow down issue with Sage software.
  2. Upgraded Version 10 EMC added, for better communication between client and server.
  3. Download issue with Mismatch of MD5 have been resolved.
  4. Updated Self protection feature added.
  5. ERS on Client can be access with Administrator login.
  6. German Language database added. (Applicable only when German version is installed)

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-15-March-2011)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Self Protection of eScan files and folders has been added.
  2. Standard key can be copied from License GUI.
  3. eScan DMP (DB Scanner) corrected.
  4. Malicious URL filtering added.
  5. Added Whitelisting of Malicious URL.
  6. If any blocked applications are renamed to other extension, it will still be detected and blocked by eScan Application Control module.
  7. Scanning of Android class file (.dex) has been added.
  8. Logon issue with SLES 10 (Open Enterprise Server 2) with, Novell/Xenserver client installed. This has been corrected
  9. Improved Real time scanning performance while repairing infected files.
  10. If user is running MWAV in non-admin mode, it will work with SCANONLY option. Spyware entries in HKEY_CURRENT_USER will be removed when MWAV is run in non-admin mode and /SC option is given.
  11. MWAV scanning used to stop when windows screen-saver got activated.This has been corrected
  12. Problem in connecting to internet on Windows 2000 OS if eScan firewall enabled has been solved.
  13. WMI (security center) will now be updated for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 (If security name-space is installed & present).
  14. Web-Protection Compatibility issues with Google Chrome and Google Search results resolved.
  15. Not-a-virus list was referred to only in case of Infected Objects and not in case of Suspicious objects. This has been resolved.
  16. Sorting of quarantined emails in eScan Protection Center window added.
  17. MWAV will restore back safeboot (minimal and network) entries if absent.
  18. MWAV used to take lots of time at time of starting and at time of clearing logs.This has been corrected.
  19. Real time Monitor will detect if Windows critical patches are absent and will download/install the same automatically.
  20. Mwavscan will now exclude files, folders and drives which are set in eScan File Antivirus settings.
  21. Problem with CCTV software resolved.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-09-April-2010)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Earlier hotfix used to install Firewall driver by default. Now it will NOT do so. If you want to install the firewall driver, run espatch1.exe with /fw option.
  2. Changes made in consctl.exe for usb drive scanning problem.
  3. SMTP has been modified so that SMTP Monitor will show up on single-click, rather than double-click.
  4. Single click on MailScan icon from taskbar will launch MailScan WebConsole.
  5. AUTORUN.INF stored using encoded UTF-16 format was not being detected by monitor - Corrected now.
  6. MWTSP was causing exception when spooler was releasing mails. This has been corrected.
  7. MWAgent.exe description changed from 'MicroWorld Agent' to 'eScan Agent Application'
  8. MWASer.exe description changed from 'MWAgent Service' to 'eScan Agent Service Controller '

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-04-March-2010)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. New Monitor with improved hashing techniques have been added.
  2. New feature for creating Windows based rescue disk has been introduced.
  3. FBACKUP option will be available in GUI under File AntiVirus setting
  4. FBackup will henceforth be created in the Root of the Partition which has maximum diskspace.
  5. Only backup of following files: *.exe,*.dll,*.sys,*.ocx,*.scr,*.cpl,*.drv, will be taken. Other files won’t be backed up.
  6. Debug value of Monitor can be changed in real time (no need to unload/reload monitor for Debug to take effect).
  7. Virus alert will show the PID of the process which accesses/executes the infected file.
  8. MWAV will do fast repeat scans because of the improved caching functionality.
  9. When eScan is present, MWAV will Quarantine the files and not rename them to .MWT. Earlier renamed .MWT files will also be quarantined.
  10. If action to be taken on infected files is set to (a) Report only or (b) Delete File or (c) Quarantine file, backup of files WILL NOT be created.
  11. MWAV has been changed so that %syswow64% environment variable will be properly recognized on 64-bit OS
  12. MWAV GUI is modified. Product bmp has been removed, also the timer is shifted to right side.
  13. MWAV/ODS Scan by Default will log only Infections found. If you want full log, you can set the value WriteFullLog = 1 (in EUT key) or start mwav with /WriteFullLog.
  14. "Gaming Mode detection" has been improvised, so that user are not disturbed with eScan related pop up.
  15. Hidden files or folders on a USB drive, can be changed to Normal attribute, by editing the default value “0” under HKCR\ EUT\UnhideUSBFiles to “1”.
  16. USB control will handle those devices also, for which we don't get the friendly name and which have similar serial number.
  17. econceal.exe has been modified for novell network.
  18. Changes are made to make eserv faster, while retrieving and adding all folder names from log folder in eserv tree view. It will also affect set host configuration, update all clients, refresh users etc.
  19. eScan Protection Center has been modified for better view of Protection and Scan tab.
  20. Pause protection will have duration option for user--15 mins,60 mins, 5 hours, System restart.
  21. A single-click on monitor icon will open eScanpro now (double-click is NOT needed).

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-06-November-2009)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Real time monitoring system with Fbackup feature added in default. ( Configuration option is not available in GUI )
  2. New icons on right click on eScan protection center icon from taskbar are added.
  3. eScan Remote Support ( ERS ) is added in Tools under eScan Protection Center.
  4. New Kernal level driver has been added.
  5. Negative time problem in eScan for Windows Scheduler in version 9 corrected.
  6. New eScan Management console with editable policies added for vesion 10.
  7. Download.exe will check default settings first to download the latest virus signatures, if default settings are not available it will take Internet Explorer settings, if that also doesn't work then it will try for direct connection.
  8. Changes made in eScan Autodownloader invoker during system startup.
  9. If eScan management console ( EMC ) gets terminated unexpectedly, it will auto restart after 3 minutes.
  10. "Last computer scan" was not getting updated - corrected.
  11. If network drive is mapped in Windows 7 OS, eScan ODS scanner was not able to scan it. - corrected.
  12. eScan Firewall statistics was not getting updated in GUI on Windows 7 OS - corrected.
  13. New Quick Scan engine added.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-31-July-2009)

(Click here to download the Hotfix)
  1. Working memory utilization of eScan reduced from over 90 MB to less than 10MB.
  2. Improved Real Time Scanning speed.
  3. Additional Registry defaults added to mwavscan.
  4. All files in the hotfix will be digitally signed hereafter.
  5. Security Center not getting updated in Vista OS and above - Corrected.
  6. Minor Localization changes.
  7. The red shield icon will appear in all the RDP sessions connected to a Terminal Server as well as user switching on workstations.
  8. Userinit.exe path in registry will be automatically reverted to default if tampered by a malware during reboot.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-08-July-2009)

  1. eScan Remote Support feature added with the latest hotfix. This is applicable for all Microworld Products.
  2. MWAV and MWAVLK when executed with /self as a parameter will enable update button in MWAV irrespective of the build installed.
  3. Latest mwtsp.dll and mwnsp.dll added to correct issues with websites,,, yahoo messenger etc. Browser crashing on random sites also corrected.
  4. Escan Protection Center not opening on Windows 7 - Corrected.
  5. MWAV when used with /kill as a parameter will only kill and zip suspicious files to No renaming will be done.
  6. RDP sessions disconnecting randomly with eScan firewall corrected.
  7. Minor bugs in eScanpro.exe corrected.
  8. Virus definations does not get updated in Mailscan with esupdatebd.exe - Corrected.
  9. License.exe changed to accomodate only fixed number of characters.
  10. Changes made in MWAV to restore more Windows defaults.
  11. SMTP authentication in added to EMC.
  12. Link to knowledge base added to "About" Screen.
  13. Junk Characters in - corrected with latest contfilt.dll
  14. Virus Test file eicar.txt not being caught - corrected.
  15. MWAV schedule does not used to scan root folder even if scheduled to do so - Corrected.
  16. Facility to block USB drives completely added to GUI.
  17. Backup failing on Windows 2003 Server SP2 with eScan - Corrected.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-17-April-2009)

  1. Few localization changes added.

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-15-April-2009)

  1. Clients logging into SBS servers had problems of hanging/slowing down - Corrected.
  2. wgwin added to HOTFIX.
  3. wgwin to download hotfix was not working in chinese OS - corrected
  4. Handle leak in eserv and avpmapp - corrected
  5. java.exe will not be logged by Client live Updater
  6. USB protection will be available in limited mode also.
  7. Wildcards will be accepted in USB whitelisting
  8. Live alerts can now be customized.
  9. EMC will show event id hint ( live alert page )
  10. .tmp files are getting created while checking read only embedded archive files - corrected.
  11. .swf & .png extension added to scan list of MWAV
  12. Directory exclusion not working in avpmapp.exe version 9 - corrected.
  13. Monitor will accept short path name for directory exclusion.
  14. Maildisp crash after installing eScan corporate for mailscan - corrected
  15. Driver level caching of clean files added.
  16. Problems with backup before disinfection corrected.
  17. Hotfix will now have Rollback facility (espatch1 /rollback).
  18. View quarantine facility will not be available in Read Only Mode.
  19. ODS will now have pause facility.
  20. On 2000 OS deployment of policy was not working - corrected
  21. Deploying policy to set 'Other password for USB' was not working - Corrected
  22. esupdate.exe will only provide updates ( it will not include hotfixes )
  23. New exclusions ( related to oracle DB ) added to realtime monitor
  24. If eServ has a password and when you double click on it, it ask for a password if you press enter twice it was giving access violation
  25. view report - file anti-virus not showing correct ( showing path as c\progra it should be c:\progra (colon was missing) )
  26. If escan server is installed on different drive other than c: drive eScan clients never used to update - corrected.
  27. A Scanner dump was thrown after excluding folder from monitor setting - corrected.
  28. In Vista OS Web Protection used to give license expired error even after activation - corrected.
  29. When you run the setup it will show correct version info of the build.
  30. Corporate and SMB version setups if renamed to 'server.exe' and 'client.exe' it will get installed respectively.
  31. Error in re-ordering of update server ip in clients - Corrected.
  32. Access violation in econceal while generating reports - Corrected
  33. ODS will now rename all of the files which get detected by its heuristics scanner (files which cannot be disinfected).
  34. Proactive scan will be disabled in default settings.
  35. Focus issues with 'about eScan' - corrected
  36. XP and 2003 Operating system will have econceal Intermediate drivers which have been used in Vista
  37. Reports showing last update date as unknown - Corrected.
  38. win.ini & killproc.exe was getting deleted with escanpro on browser cleanup - corrected
  39. escanmon was not loading in limited mode - corrected
  40. Option to enable/disable network scan added to hotfix.
  41. Error with eslogon.dll in windows 2000 during login/logoff - corrected
  42. Unattended/gaming mode added in eScan (Not available in GUI).
  43. If vista is misconfigured then eScan monitor not used to load properly - corrected.
  44. Multiselection option given in Quarantine release.
  45. Coreldraw, Autocad and Oracle work files excluded from Real time scanning.
  46. Offline updates (esupdatebd.exe) introduced for version 10DB.
  47. 64-bit OS eventviewer used to log a 32bit procobserv.sys file error - corrected.
  48. 2008 Server OS used to log interactive warning message in eventviwer - corrected.
  49. Firewall cache will be cleared with every settings changed in Firewall.
  50. Adding Invalid IP's to Zone rule wont be allowed in Firewall.
  51. espatch will not show database update popup.
  52. escanwin access violation in version 9 while skipping scan on double esc button - corrected.
  53. Access violatoin in Password deployment in EMC - Corrected.
  54. Updated scanremv added in espatch for removing Microworld Technology Driver from Lan Card
  55. Under eScanpro ( firewall settings ) Add Host was accepting invalid IP and hostnames - corrected.
  56. Scan options in case of virus infection, if set to 'Log Only', used to display blank spaces - Corrected.
  57. Applications of eScan were not getting added to exception list of Windows firewall of 64 bit OS - Corrected
  58. Timed out increased for Manual Scan of Exchange database to 60 mins
  59. MailScan for Exchange with MAPI installation when you open web console - > Scanner admin > domain details -> under "Authentication password" when you type any password it was showing in plain text - Corrected
  60. avpm.rpx has "KAV" log line written - corrected in rp.exe
  61. Privacy control not working for office 2007 - Corrected
  62. esupdatebd.exe did not update pub\avx folder - corrected
  63. For double-byte char set (chinese, etc.), all strings will now be stored in utf-8 format within databases
  64. Facility to block USB ports completely (Not available in GUI)
  65. MWAV did not update pub\avx folder - Corrected.
  66. If IP is changed/modified escan firewall will autodetect the new IP

Release Notes for Hotfix ver. (Date:-18-March-2009)

  1. More changes related to system slow down/hanging added. (Changes corresponds to v.10)
  2. Local IP lists updated in firewall in machines with multiple adapters.
  3. ODS hanging while scanning long paths in filenames/folders solved.
  4. Espatch will include updated econceal.exe henceforth.
  5. Provision to download critical Microsoft patches added to eScan Protection Center under Tools Section.
  6. Viewing of Web Page Scanning Reports will be disabled in clients if accessed in Read Only Mode.

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